Making the Design Process
Playful & Gratifying

Every day I meet people who want to change something about their home and/or workspace. I am immediately
excited for them then I sense their fear of diving in. My job as a designer is to do just that: dive into your project and seamlessly transform your space.

excited for them…then I sense their fear of diving in. My job as a design consultant is to do just that;

Open and working remotely!

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What Our Clients Say

Michelle has done a brilliant job of designing our interior remodel and a very thorough job of procuring all the material at the best prices. She has a very keen eye, thoughtful approach and is a delight to work with. She made a huge difference in aligning our plans with the best outcome for the spaces. Five Stars.

– William Clements Principal, Parallel Advisors, LLC Tiburon, Calif

Michelle has been a pleasure to work with all along this design and build process. She brought us great and innovative design ideas for our remodel, she gave us multiple supplier and contractor resources to consider using for the project, and has always been mindful of our budget constraints. In addition, she’s been a great project coordinator with the different subs that have been doing all of the many different tasks in the work on our home.

– Bob & Robin Mayer Larkspur, Calif.